Does My Fiberglass Pool Need Winter Pool Care?

During the summer your pools brings you many fun filled days. Lots of great family memories are created around the backyard pool. Once autumn rolls around, everyone starts to feel a little sad, knowing it will be a while before you can really enjoy your back yard oasis again. Winter pool care makes sure you can build on those memories next year.

The question for most people is, “How do I take care of my pool in the winter, so I know it will be cared for by the time summer rolls around?” That’s a great, and very important question! Here at Texas Pool Repair, we want you to enjoy your pools (and create those great family memories) for years to come!

Winter Pool Care Made Easy

How can you make sure that you’re doing everything you can in the off-season to be a responsible pool owner? Well, we suggest you stay on top of these two areas:

  • Chemistry of the water – make sure you monitor it as you do in the summer. You’ll probably need less chlorine, but here in TX we still get plenty of warm days in the winter and without the proper chlorine and chemical levels, you could end up with algae. Also, if you have a robotic pool cleaner, remember to let the little guy rove around in the winter too. The cleaner picks up debris from the bottom and sides of the pool. Keeping leaves and debris out of the pool maintains the proper chemistry of the water and helps to fight off algae growth too!
  • Monitor water levels – Sometimes we experience a lot of rain here in TX during the winter, which usually poses no problems. However, too much rain (or even the rare ice or snow) and you can end up with chemical problems as well. However, if you see your water levels having a dramatic drop or decline, get in touch with us for an inspection. Without the extreme heat of the summer Texas sun, water should not evaporate quickly in the winter time. If you see water level that concern you, call us immediately for a free inspection. A crack that goes ignored during the chilly winter months can get worse quickly. Don’t let a small problem grow into a big one!