Why Fiberglass Resurfacing is the Best Option for Your Baptistry Repairs

A church’s baptistry is where some of the most intimate moments for a congregation take place. However, older baptistries are typically made from concrete materials and don’t age as well as they should. Even if a church’s staff regularly maintains their baptistry, there can still be issues like leaks and cracks that inevitably form over time.

Concrete baptistry repairs are a precise and costly process that end up becoming a regular routine every decade or so. If your church’s baptistry has a leak, opt for the more effective and lasting service of a fiberglass resurfacing.

Here’s a closer look at how fiberglass resurfacing makes other more expensive approaches to baptistry repair pale in comparison.

Fiberglass Resurfacing is Less Expensive Than Complete Demolition

One option that some owners go with for repairing a baptistry is a complete demolition and rebuild. Since a baptistry is smaller than a standard swimming pool, people think that it’s a cost-effective and lasting solution.

However, this job requires the installation and creation of a new pool tank and possible replacements of essential elements in connection with the tank like flooring. Fiberglass resurfacing allows your baptistry to retain its original form and inner workings while still repairing cracks and leaks in its structure.

Leaks Shouldn’t Lead to a Secondary Baptistry

Instead of repairing leaks in a baptistry, some churches opt to completely close down the section of their building and host baptisms elsewhere. Some churches even purchase collapsible baptistries that they can store inside of their old pool when it’s not in use.

The effort to maintain and operate a baptistry that can be dismantled and stored can quickly become tiresome each time a baptism arises.

Although leaks are a serious problem within a baptistry, fixing them with a resurfacing service is a more permanent solution that doesn’t require the man-power of your church to prepare.

Special Paints Are Only Temporary

Some baptistry owners make the mistake of thinking that they can make repairs on their own. There are rubber paints and pond paints on the market that claim to repair pool cracks and leaks. These are merely temporary fixes and don’t solve the problem as a whole like a resurfacing service would.

Fiberglass resurfacing has lasting benefits and requires less maintenance than the standard concrete tiles found in older baptistries. So, rather than going for the easy patch-up, let our team step in and complete the job in its entirety.

Get Your Baptistry in Pristine Condition With Texas Pool Repair

If you’ve recently discovered a leak in your baptistry, don’t wait for the problem to magnify over time. Seal leaks and cracks for at least 25 years with fiberglass resurfacing from Texas Pool Repair. We are Texas’ most trusted fiberglass pool professionals and are ready to get your baptistry leak-free. Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule a consultation.

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  1. Pam Baker on February 6, 2023 at 1:05 pm

    I saw your site on Google and wondered if you do repairs/fiberglass overlays out of state. I am inquiring for my church, located In Jane, MO. To date we have not been able to find anyone in our area that work on baptistries.

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