What are the Reasons to Use Natural Stone for Your Pool Coping?

Swimming pool coping is an essential addition to your fiberglass pool. Coping is the edging found surrounding the top border of a swimming pool. Not only does it provide easy, comfortable access for those entering and exiting a pool, but it is also pivotal for keeping pool water in, and dirt and debris out.

Although many people tend to go with the standard curved, concrete choice for pool coping, the professionals at Texas Pool Repair have found that, for many reasons, natural stone is the superior choice for swimming pool coping.

Here’s a look at why our pool coping process utilizes natural stone like Flagstone, Limestone, and Quartzite for the perfect pool finish.


Natural stone is a material that is easily available and doesn’t have to be manufactured in any form. It’s a long-lasting, abundant material that is an extremely cost-effective choice for your swimming pool coping.

Keep in mind that when you invest in stone coping that the material is going to last for a significant amount of time before cracks and signs of weathering signal the need for replacement.

Safer Material

Concrete coping can easily become slick and create a dangerous fall hazard around your swimming pool. If you want to improve swimmer safety, invest in natural stone coping.

Natural stone is porous and provides an easier grip for bare feet. Also, it’s curves and edges aren’t as sharp or jutting as other materials. This further boosts the safety of your coping should a swimmer come into contact with it.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Concrete coping can be functional, yet so dry and boring. Natural stone coping also brings a visually pleasing look to your swimming pool that amps up its luxury. Every stone is unique and comes with its own variant of colors, grain, and patterns. When you approach natural stone coping from the aesthetic appeal, you can almost consider this installation a piece of art that decorates the landscape of your swimming pool area.

Weather Resistant

Natural stone is a material that is formed to withstand the test of time. Unlike manmade materials like concrete, natural stone will easily hold up to the elements of your environment and remain a beautiful centerpiece of your landscape for years to come.

Natural stone coping stands firm against extreme heat, rainwater, and frost. In fact, the strength of natural stone is so highly praised, that the mere presence of stone coping has the ability to increase your property value over the years.

Have Coping Questions? Texas Pool Repair can Help!

If you recently got your swimming pool resurfaced with fiberglass material, you’ll want to ensure that it’s properly protected with the addition of natural stone coping. The swimming pool experts at Texas Pool Repair are available to help you make the right aesthetic and functional choices for all of your swimming pool needs. Contact us today to get your free quote and get your swimming pool ready for use next spring.

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