Top Fiberglass Pool Myths Debunked

Fiberglass is a material that is known for being both lightweight and strong all at once. Many customers across the state of Texas have put their faith in fiberglass during swimming pool resurfacing.

While we know the several benefits of resurfacing with our favorite material, we also know there are several myths that keep potential customers from taking a dip in our industry.

Here are some of the biggest myths about fiberglass pools, debunked!

Fiberglass Pools Are Hard to Maintain

This is the biggest falsity of them all. The truth is, fiberglass pools are actually among the easiest and least expensive pools to maintain. Unlike concrete, fiberglass is a smooth surface that doesn’t run the risk of becoming a hive for algae. Aside from standard cleaning and checking your PH balance, you won’t have to worry about deep scrubs to get algae discoloration out of the surface of your pool.

You Must Fit a Specific Mold When Resurfacing

Another myth about fiberglass pools is that they can only fit specific molds and aren’t customizable. Customization is what makes a fiberglass swimming pool so unique. From colors to tiles and cascades, you have the ability to break the mold and truly create the swimming pool of your dreams with a fiberglass pool resurfacing.

Fiberglass Pools Look Cheap

Back when fiberglass pools were new on the scene, this would have been the truth. Many people still unjustly associate fiberglass pools with the look of a glorified bathtub. Before the customization abilities we have now, fiberglass pools were an affordable way to get a pool on someone’s property.

However, as we mentioned above, fiberglass pool remodels have become unique works of art that represent the owners who design them. Trust pool remodeling professionals like to help you and your family create a swimming pool resurfacing that is a true sight to behold.

Fiberglass Won’t Last in Cold Climates

Lots of people think that fiberglass pools only function well in warmer climates. The myth around this is that when the water in a pool freezes in a colder climate, the fiberglass will crack and be ruined.

So don’t worry about your pool cracking when the weather drops. Your swimming pool water won’t press up against your new fiberglass resurfaced pool. Sure, it will expand up and creep over the edge of your pool, but this won’t have an effect on your pool’s structure.

Get Your Pool in Top Shape With Texas Pool Repair

The rise of coronavirus has led to many homeowners staying in for the time being. Since this means that most of the summer could be spent at home, make the best of your time with your family in a resurfaced and safe pool. While we understand that times are uncertain, Texas Pool Repair is always ready to help make your home an even more comfortable place. Stay safe, and remember, we’re here for you so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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