7 Signs It’s Time For Pool Renovation

If you are a residential pool owner you’re probably aware of when you want to beautify your back yard paradise with a pool renovation. However, you should be aware of safety concerns associated with an older pool as well. What are some signs to look for?

Noticeable cracks in the pool might sound like the most obvious sign that you need a pool renovation.

However, there are some less superficial issues that can arise with your pool that could need maintenance. To ensure your pool is not only ready for the summer but safe to use – keep reading.

Safety First

With warm weather approaching, your pool is about to become more popular.

Despite pools being associated with fun, did you know a recent CDC investigation found nearly 79% of swimming pools failed at least one safety test?

The CDC report was primarily focused on pools in Sunbelt states like Texas, but the issues can be found nationwide.


If your pool has a motor, then it’s a good idea to periodically check recall notices for it.

Case in point, in 2017 a manufacturer Nidec Motor Corp. of St. Louis recalled over 16,000 of them.

Usually, the motor itself is fine, but if left improperly grounded they can pose an electrical shock hazard.

Fortunately in the recall mentioned above no incidents or injuries were reported.

Types of Pools

Check the list below to be sure what materials you could be dealing with before you start research on maintaining your pool.

1. Concrete with plaster or aggregate finishes

This type uses steel reinforcement to form a shell. One of the most popular types of residential pools.

2. Alternative finishes

Examples are tile, stone that have been added to pools constructed out of concrete or plaster.

3. Fiberglass

These tend to be ready-made and therefore aren’t as easily customized.

There are companies that specialize in fiberglass pool maintenance like Texas Pool Repair

4. Vinyl

Built atop a metal or plastic frame, the bottom of a vinyl liner sits on a bed of sand or similar material.

Home Pool Renovations

Is your pool getting up there in age? Think about hiring a professional to conduct a thorough inspection.

The pool professional will check on primary equipment like pumps, heater, filter, and drains.

Depending on how well your pool has been maintained, they could find issues like leaks, malfunctions, and general operating glitches.

Also on the inspection list will be the pool liner or plaster again looking for possible issues that could lead to larger problems.

What is great about covering maintenance now is that it should pay dividends down the road by extending the life of your pool.

The Signs

Here are some signs to look for in case your home pool is looking worse for the wear. Since pool renovations can have lots of factors and variables, it’s always best to reach out to an expert.

1. The vinyl liner colors look faded

The colors might look less vibrant, and the vinyl looks like it’s shrinking at the edges. Vinyl should last 10 to 15 years but UV radiation and exposure to chemicals can shorten its lifespan.

2. Deteriorations are evident

Pool renovations become necessary pretty quickly upon seeing obvious signs of decay. Be on the lookout for cracked spots. Rust and noticeable leaks are also telltale signs.

3. Old equipment

Your pool equipment that uses electricity, might not be getting the job done as effectively as possible. And that can cost you both money and safety. More modern equipment is more automated, uses less energy and fewer chemicals.

4. Hazards

Loose tiles are flaws that can create trip hazards. Faulty lighting or broken covers on pool equipment can create safety issues that are easily preventable.

5. Backyard Landscaping

Since your pool could also be integrated with landscaping, now might be a good time to assess that as well. Decking, water features and trees all might be options as you fill out your backyard.

6. Stains

These can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Even though a stain may be superficial, it can be annoying similar to a coffee stain on a t-shirt.

7. Texture

Check out how your pool feels, does it feel rougher than you think it should? Turns out an unbalanced pH level can deteriorate the pool surface.

If you feel like you need to hire an expert, companies like Texas Pool Repair can provide free estimates.

If Resurfacing is Needed

If it becomes evident on the inspection that resurfacing is needed, you might think to yourself that your pool could be out of commission for quite a while.

After all, it’s important that those surface issues aren’t left unattended until they ultimately become more destructive.

Good news is that applying a new surface typically only takes one or two days.

After that, a “curing” period could be around two weeks – which should give you time to plan your next pool party.

Keep it Clean

Since pool renovations, ideally, are an infrequent occurrence here are some pool cleaning tips to keep things tidy in the meantime.

1. Clean often

Cleaning your pool effectively consists of cleaning the surface of the water, brushing the sides and vacuuming the bottom. Keep an eye on surrounding areas like decks and flower planters as well, as sometimes algae can grow there.

2. Water chemistry

Pool water chemistry will help you fend off bacteria, germs. This will also help prevent corrosion of pool equipment. Balancing products like pH boosters, chlorine stabilizers, and aqua bromine may be needed depending on your water chemistry.

3. Other issues

These are less likely but good to know about regardless. Copper in your pool water, for example, could be an issue if the water looks cloudy or if you have dark stains on your liner. Iron also creates similar issues.

A Team You Can Trust

Home pool renovations can mean restoring your backyard to its past glory and adding its luster back.

It is possible to renew your backyard while both saving yourself time and money.

For commercial or residential home pool renovations click over to Texas Pool Repair for a free estimate.

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  1. Ellen Hughes on October 1, 2018 at 11:42 pm

    I do like that you suggested having your pool renovated if it has obvious signs of noticeable rusts and cracked spots. Our swimming pool at home was not used for more than 6 months, and we’re planning to use it again. There are stains on its floor and rusts that simple cleaning couldn’t remove, so I’ll make sure to hire a pool resurfacing company before using it.