Commercial and Residential Pool Repair in Plano, Dallas, and Austin Does Your Pool Plumbing Need Repair?

If you have read internet how-to articles about repairing your pool plumbing, you probably already know that pool plumbing repair requires a professional. One problem you may run into is people who have also read internet how-to articles and think they are experts.

If your pool system needs repair or upgrades, the technicians at Texas Pool Repair have decades of experience dealing with your exact issue. We will professionally assess your situation and offer you either repair or upgrade solutions.

Replacing pool equipment and systems can sometimes be more cost effective than repairing older models if you consider the cost of ownership expenses over time. If it makes more sense to replace an item rather than fix it, we’ll discuss the parameters with you. Rest assured that our pool system repair technicians and craftsmen are experienced in repairing and replacing all types of systems and equipment, and our number one priority is always your complete satisfaction.

Pool Plumbing Repair and Upgrade

Eventually all pools will need some type of repair no matter how well the equipment was maintained. One early warning sign of malfunctioning pool equipment is if your water isn’t clear or if the motor is loud. In that case, call the pool plumbing repair professionals at Texas Pool Repair.

Pool Plumbing Repair & Pool Equipment Upgrade Service

We repair all components that make a Texas pool system, from filters and skimmers to pumps. Ask us about:

  • Variable speed pumps and motors
  • High capacity filters
  • LED lighting
  • Remote automation
  • Salt systems
  • Automatic pool cleaners

Your Pool Plumbing Service Experts

Our pool technicians will be glad to discuss the pool plumbing parts they intend to use. We use well-made pool plumbing parts that will not need to be replaced frequently. We also look for parts that will not contribute too heavily to your overall cost for pool plumbing repair and service.

Pool Timer Controls Repair & Installation

Timers and controllers can be as simplistic as an outdoor switch to as complex as having an integrated computer control system that operates wireless via a smartphone app. Every function of your pool and spa, even some backyard features, can be handled remotely. You can set the spa temperature, turn on a water feature, access the current pool temperature or monitor the chlorine production. Aside from convenience, timers increase energy efficiency and extend the life of your pool equipment.

Pool Salt System Repair & Installation

Salt pool systems provide a continuous regenerating supply of pure chlorine from ordinary table salt. Otherwise known as chlorine generators, pool owners like the system because it eliminates the need to store, buy, transport and handle chlorine. It’s easy to convert your standard pool to a salt system; the price will vary based on features and brands.

Salt chlorine generators do require some maintenance and repair. The salt cell will eventually lose performance and the controller circuit boards can develop problems over time. If your salt system isn’t cleaning like it should or you’re getting consistently poor readings, Contact Texas Pool Repair for an evaluation today!

Skimmer Repair & Replacement

Skimmers pull floating debris from your pool and into a storage basket. The pool’s pump system uses suction throughout each skimmer to circulate the water. Sometimes the skimmers get clogged or can crack, preventing water circulation. When your pool has a leak, the skimmer is one of the first places we check. A leaky skimmer can cost hundreds of dollars in water bill expenses. Depending on the type of pool, it’s a common area of separation and failing gaskets.

We Install & Replace Main Drains

The main drain isn’t used to drain the pool; it’s where most dirt and debris that sinks exits the pool. Accidental entrapment happens due to extreme suction and a faulty or improperly installed cover.

We specialize in the proper installation of pool and spa drain covers and we’re meticulous about each cover’s function and safety. We know each installation is unique and we take care to calculate flow rates, pipe and pump size, sump depths and other details.

Contact the Experts on Pool Repair in Plano, TX

If you’re considering replacing or repairing your pool’s plumbing equipment, the team at Texas Pool Repair can help. We specialize in just doing pool repairs and upgrades, so we have ample experience in diagnosing and repairing issues in pools. Give us a call at (469) 890-7440 today and we can answer any questions you may have about our pool repair services as well as provide you with a free estimate for your repair project. We look forward to using our expertise and experience to get your pool back in the best shape possible!

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