Pool Crack Repair

Here are the four most common reasons you might need pool repair:

Spider Cracks

The gel coat or plaster on pools can sometimes develop spider cracks. This is more commonly caused during the installation process, so it is not likely to show up later on. These cracks do not pose a structural threat, but you may want to have pool repair done for cosmetic reasons.


This can also be caused by soil movement around the pool, which results in the plumbing settling and coming apart, resulting in leaks. Plumbing connections can also weaken with age and need to be replaced. Actual cracks in the pool can also result in leaking and will need to be repaired. Additionally, there could be a leak in the pool equipment itself.

Walls Bulging

Water saturation in the ground around the pool can lead to the walls bulging inward. This generally stabilizes once the excess pressure is abated, but in situations where the backfill was not properly done, a change in backfill can resolve the issue.


Some pools never seem to fade, but others do quickly. The quality of the pool, misuse of pool chemicals, the darkness of the pool’s color, and other factors can affect the durability of the color. Pool resurfacing can resolve this problem. It can also be done to change the color of your pool.