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Texas Pool Repair has years of experience repairing and resurfacing all baptistries. We’re now dedicated to being the premier provider for baptistry repair and resurfacing in Texas.

Aside from cracks and other unforeseen problems, normal use of your baptistry can lead to leaks, water damage, and stains, as the minerals in the water wear down the surface of your baptistery. Our professional team will treat your baptistry with the utmost care, whether it is removing unsightly spots, or renovating the entire surface.

Is There a Leak in Your Fiberglass Baptistry?

Our team offers complete baptistry repair services in Texas. Our baptistry services include fixing leaks, stains, and cracks, which will restore your baptistery to the pristine elegance it had when it was first installed. Fiberglass is the smart option for your baptistry repair, because of its durability and decades-long life expectancy. Additionally, a fiberglass surface is perfect for baptistries, due to fiberglass’ resistance to mold and algae from its non-porous surface.

Why Use Fiberglass in Your Baptistry?

Fiberglass has no adverse effects when used in heated baptistry pools, and cleaning chemicals can be added to the pool without fear of damage to the surface or patrons. This ensures that your baptistry remains sanitary, beautiful, and safe, to further enhance any baptizing experience. Contact us today for an estimate.

Trust Texas Pool Repair for your Baptistry Resurfacing

Texas Pool Repair is vastly experienced with fiberglass baptistry repairs for a multitude of surfaces. With our professional staff, we will revitalize your baptistry and take its beauty to new heights.

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Put our decades of experience to work and call us today! If your baptistry pool is leaking, cracked, or otherwise in need of repair, you can trust the experienced team at Texas Pool Repair to help. We specialize in the repair of fiberglass pools, and because of our specialized expertise we are able to provide the best quality baptistry repair available. For more information about our repair services or to get your free estimate, contact us today by calling (469) 890-7440. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get your baptistry pool repaired and fully functional again!

Baptism Happening In Remodeled Baptistry

Why Fiberglass Resurfacing is the Best Option for Your Baptistry Repairs

A church’s baptistry is where some of the most intimate moments for a congregation take place. However, older baptistries are typically made from concrete materials and don’t age as well as they should. Even if a church’s staff regularly maintains their baptistry, there can still be issues like leaks and cracks that inevitably form over…