What You Need to Know About Selecting Your Swimming Pool Tile

Do you only worry about the tile in your bathroom and kitchen? If you have a swimming pool, think again. Tile adds the perfect touch to your pool. Certain tile colors and designs can dramatically alter your pool’s appearance, reflecting your personal style.

Tile also adds practicality. Certain tile materials provide more safety. This is important when children and loved ones are walking on a slippery pool deck.

Because of this, you should make the best pool tile decision possible.

Here are a few tips to ensure you’re choosing the best swimming pool tile. The next time you take a dip in the pool, you’ll feel better knowing you chose the very best!

Always Have a Budget

Swimming pool tile can be expensive. This is especially true if you have a large pool. It pays, in the long run, to go in with a general idea of how much you want to spend on the tile.

Keep in mind that your budget should be tailored to quality over aesthetics. You should spend more on tile that will last years over an expensive design that may not last as long.

When you inquire with a tile company, explain your budget. They will show you the options that fit your budget.

Safety First

What if you’re not fond of the tiles in your budget? Chances are, you’ll have to go outside of your budget. When viewing swimming pool tile, it’s easy to choose the prettiest tile. But you should always spend more on the safest tile.

Slip-resistant tiles guarantee safety, especially on the outside of your pool. When guests are splashing and diving in your pool, the pool area becomes slippery. To prevent accidents, always find the slip-resistant tile.

What are some great materials? Stone, especially flagstone, is a popular option because of its style and durability.

Find a Lifetime Guarantee

As time goes on, your swimming pool tile will inevitably become damaged. Your tiles are a victim of everything from cracks to color fading. To save money, find a tile company that offers a lifetime guarantee.

The simplest damage to one tile may make you want a new tile job. But this will cost a lot of money.

When there’s a lifetime guarantee, your tile can always be fixed and replaced. If the damage is only on one tile, the company may even only replace that one tile. Or, if your tiles subject to color fading, you can receive brand new tile at no cost.

There’s Nothing Wrong with a Fun Design

What’s more inviting than a pool? Amazing pool tile. Pool tile has become more artistic. Unique colors and textures can grace your pool. You can also find amazing tile artwork that produces incredible effects.

While safety is key, there’s nothing wrong with spending a little more on a slip-resistant and fun design. Or, you can save the artistic designs for the in-pool tile.

There’s no reason why pool owners should settle for plain tile. Your pool’s appearance depends on your tile. To truly impact your guests, think outside of the box when choosing pool tile.

Choose Fiberglass for Your Pool

Tiles are great on the outside and your pool deck. But what about the inside of your pool?

For a cheap option with low maintenance and leak prevention, choose fiberglass.

Unlike tiles, fiberglass is nonporous so you don’t need as many chemicals when cleaning your pool.

While you’re swimming, your guests will stand on a smooth surface. There’s no chance of cutting your foot on a cracked tile. Fiberglass is quick to install, so you’re swimming in no time.

There are plenty of aesthetic fiberglass options. You can choose color finishes and even lights.

Pick the Best Colors

Any pool owner wants an attractive pool. But most pool tile consists of two main colors: blue and white. Both blend well with water and reflect the sunlight. This classic combination is perfect for any pool.

But all pools are different. Some are small and shallow. Others are large and deeper. So what tile is best for your pool?

If you want color contrast, lighter colors should be used in shallow water and darker colors should be used in deeper water. Dark colors increase depth, which isn’t a good for shallow water.

Want to increase color contrast? Use varying shades in a band-like wave. This causes an attractive design across the entirety of your pool. Don’t be afraid to get creative — everyone will appreciate bright and unique pool tile colors.

Don’t Forget about Maintenance

Now you’re confident that you chose the most attractive, durable, and safest tile. You have a budget and are confident about speaking to a tile company. But don’t forget about the most important aspect: maintenance.

As time goes on, you’ll have to clean your tiles. All tile is subject to scum and build-up. Each material is different. Others require more cleaning and some require specific cleansers.

When inquiring with a tile company, ask for their advice. Find out which tile requires less maintenance.

If you choose one material over others, ask the best way to clean that tile. You should also find out the tile’s lifespan, and what to do when cracking and color fading occurs. Don’t forget to ask about fixing tile.

Ask for Samples

Finally, request samples. Place the tiles on your pool deck and see how the tile matches with your pool. If the tile will be placed inside of your pool, place the tile near your pool and see how the tile blends with your pool.

From here, you’re more confident about your purchase. Or, you have a better idea about a different type of tile you want to choose.

Are You Ready to Pick New Swimming Pool Tile?

Picking pool tile isn’t a walk in the park — or a casual swim in the pool. You want your tile to be aesthetically pleasing. But quality tile contributes to the safety, durability, and long-term maintenance of your tiles.

Tile can be expensive. To avoid re-tiling your pool, make sure you pick a tile that lasts.

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