How can a Fiberglass Pool Increase Your Property Value?

Swimming pools are a luxury that most families find appealing when shopping for a new home. However, the material within the pool can be something that either increases or decreases the value of a new home in the eyes of a buyer.

Most homeowners don’t realize that fiberglass pools provide owners with more value than the average concrete swimming pool.

The best part about the pool remodeling services we offer is that homeowners with concrete pools don’t have to break ground on a new pool to experience the numerous benefits of fiberglass.

Here’s a look at some of the ways that fiberglass resurfacing can help improve your property value and how Texas Pool Repair can help improve the integrity of your current unit.

Fiberglass Pools Present Curb Appeal

A beautifully landscaped pool space will easily draw in potential buyers when you put your home on the market. Fiberglass pools create a sleek, smooth and beautiful look for your poolscape and can be a factor to earning a little more money on your sale.

Texas Pool Repair adds to the value of your poolside because we don’t just resurface pools! We will also create gorgeous tile and stone coping around your pool that protects your poolside while also adding further value.

A Fiberglass Pool Provides a Low Maintenance Experience

Concrete pools have porous shells that easily attract long-term problems like algae. In order to prevent algae from forming in a concrete pool, owners have to pour tons of money into expensive chemicals and dedicate hours of maintenance just to keep their pool looking remotely clean.

This effort can be a value-killer for your poolside. However, with a fiberglass pool, there is only a smooth surface in your pool’s shell. There are no issues with algae because there is nowhere for it to grow. This means that owners will use up to three times less chemicals than a concrete pool requires. If that isn’t value, we don’t know what is!

Resurfaced Pools Help Families Save Money in the Long-Term

Resurfacing a concrete pool is quite an expensive task and is unfortunately one that a family will have to carry out at least every ten years. Fiberglass resurfacing is priced around the same amount as a concrete resurfacing. However, the average lifespan of 25 years means that a family has time to save money and prepare for the expense of resurfacing when the moment comes.

Make a Move to Increase Your Property Value with Texas Pool Repair

If you know that you’ll be moving out of your home in the future, it may be time to add some value to your property with a fiberglass resurfacing of your pool. Texas Pool Repair has the experience your pool needs to create a beautiful, functional pool surface. This will help avoid some of the common problems that can cut into a pool owner’s budget.

Contact us today to learn more about our resurfacing and repair services in your area.

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