Fiberglass Pool Care (Even Easier Than You Thought!)

So you’ve made the decision to install a fiberglass pool – Congratulations! Fiberglass pool care is a breeze! Given the proper care, you should be able to enjoy your fiberglass pool for many years, in fact, longer than most if not all other types of pools.

Many people choose to hire a professional pool cleaning service here in Texas. Due to warmer temperatures, pools require year-round care, or at least attention. However, because fiberglass is so low maintenance, most homeowners who have them, choose to save money and do their own pool maintenance.

To care for a fiberglass pool you really only need to stay on top four simple things:

  1. Keep the pool clean. Use only products made for fiberglass.
  2. Maintain the proper water chemistry. This is easy to do and should be checked regularly.
  3. Run the pool filter – even in the winter!
  4. Make sure the water level stays above the skimmer.

How to Clean Your Pool

Because fiberglass is nonporous and smooth, it tends to get a lot less algae than concrete pools or even those with vinyl liners. The good news here, is that means it requires a lot less brushing than other types of pools. Be sure to keep your pool skimmed and free of bugs and floating debris like leaves or flower petals. Using a product that is designed for fiberglass pools, take a damp rag and gently remove any grime or dirt that you may find. Doing so, guarantees you won’t damage your pools while doing simple clean up.

Make Sure to Check the Water Chemistry

Because fiberglass pools are inert, they require less chemical adjustments. The pool itself does not affect the water chemistry (unlike concrete, or vinyl). You can use a simple kit to make sure that the free chlorine, ph, calcium, cyanuric acid (CYA) and total alkalinity are all at the right levels. It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t! One simple test will check for each of the chemicals, making caring for the pool super easy.

Be Sure to Run The Filter – Year Round

A fiberglass pool only needs one circulation per day to keep it clear and clean. Fiberglass save you money and energy!

Monitor the Water Level – Even In the Winter

Keeping you pool filled above the skimmer helps to balance out any groundwater and helps protect the pool from popping out of the ground. Don’t be worried, this is a concern for all pool types and is simply a part of responsible pool ownership.

Take note of any unexpected decreases in water levels. If you notice a consistent drop in water levels, this may indicate a crack. Only a trained professional should attempt to locate or repair a leak. If you suspect a leak, please call us for a free, no-obligation inspection.

That’s it! Follow these few simple instructions and you can expect to enjoy your pool, nearly maintenance free for years to come! Happy swimming!