Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Fiberglass Pool

If you’ve recently taken the leap to resurface your concrete pool with fiberglass material, you already know how much of an improvement you’ve made to your landscape. Although your new fiberglass pool doesn’t require mass amounts of maintenance, this is still a responsibility that you’ll have to dive into by yourself.

Although Texas Pool Repair specializes in resurfacing and repairs, we’d love to take this opportunity to compare the ease of fiberglass maintenance with other materials and provide you with an explanation of how easy it is to maintain your new fiberglass pool.

What Makes a Fiberglass Pool Easier to Maintain Than a Concrete Pool?

Some owners that are used to concrete swimming pools may think that there isn’t a difference in the level of care that goes into different types of pool materials. The reality is, concrete pools are the most expensive type of material to maintain. Not only do they come with the highest price tag for installation, but they also require mass amounts of harsh chemicals and constant cleaning in order to keep the pool clean.

Over the years, people who own concrete pools tend to realize that maintaining them is a literal money pit and begin to consider a more visually appealing, easily maintained surface. The beauty of fiberglass swimming pools is that there are really only a few minor maintenance rules owners need to follow! Here are some of the basics.

Use Appropriate Cleaning Methods

You want to regularly clean your pool in order to maintain its impact on your property value. When cleaning every couple of weeks, remember to keep in mind that you aren’t working with a concrete pool, so rough brushes aren’t going to be necessary.

Your fiberglass surface isn’t susceptible to problems like algae. However, dirt and debris from your yard can begin to dirty up your pool in general. Some of the recommended cleaning tips we have for your fiberglass pool include the following:

  • Using a telescoping pole with a skimming net attached to gently remove large debris like leaves and twigs from your pool
  • Use a brush with nylon bristles to easily push dirt that has collected at the bottom of your pool into its main drain. From here the debris will make its way into the filter and out of your main pool water
  • Ask your fiberglass installation team about appropriate pool vacuums that are easy on fiberglass materials

Maintain Your Pool’s Water Levels

You want to make sure that your swimming pool’s water levels are always maintained. If levels are too low, your swimming pool’s pump could malfunction and require premature repairs or replacement.

In order to keep your water levels safe, regularly check that your water resides in the middle of your pool’s skimmer flaps. Too high or too low will require the slight addition or removal of water to keep your pool in order.

Ready to Resurface Your Swimming Pool? Texas Pool Repair can Help!

If a low maintenance swimming pool sounds like a great replacement for your current concrete pool, Texas Pool Repair is here to help. Our team of pool specialists provides you with a clean resurfacing that leaves your swimming pool looking and feeling its best.

Contact us today to learn more about our services in your area or to schedule an appointment with a member of our team.

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