Does a Pool Add Value to a Home? Why You Should Absolutely Add a Pool to Your Texas Home

Do you know the average cost to install a pool in a home is $45,000?

No wonder that people think twice before spending the cash to add a pool to their home.

Are you wondering does a pool add value to a home in Texas? Absolutely!

Keep reading to learn all about the benefits of having a pool in your backyard.

Does a Pool Add Value to a Home? Why Your Texas Home Needs a Pool

The thought of adding a swimming pool to home might immediately bring a vision of relaxing poolside with a margarita on hand or doing laps in the privacy of your own backyard. Having a pool does offer a private space to read, relax, or exercise without dealing with strangers.

A common question people have is does a pool add value to a home? There are different factors that make the answer a definite yes. 

Pool Type

This is an important factor when trying to add value to your home with your pool installation. An in-ground pool will be more attractive and worth more than an above-ground pool. When choosing your pool also consider the shape and size of the pool because this can also add to the value of your home. 

Adding things such as coping to your new pool will help enhance your pool style. You also want to keep in mind what the other pools in your neighborhood have which we will add to more later.


A big factor when adding value to a home with a pool installation is the location of the home. If the home is in a location that it’s warm most of the year such as Texas, and southern states then adding a pool will be more attractive when reselling the house. 

If you live in cooler weather year round then a pool might not add as much value unless it’s indoor and heated. A pool might, in fact, be a poor investment if you live in an area that the pool has more downtime than usable time. Having a pool that is only usable for two or three months out of the year might even be a waste of time and money.

Along with a pool, you’ll have higher insurance costs and maintenance costs. It doesn’t always make sense to add these expenses if the pool will only be good to use for a couple of months.

Backyard Size

Is your backyard large enough to fit a custom pool? If you don’t have much room and have to install a tiny pool just to install one then it might not add much value to your home. If you have a large backyard and after you install your new pool you still have a lawn this can add value to your home.


Take a look at the other houses in your neighborhood. Do they have in-ground pools installed? If they do check out if they have a certain style in common or a certain type in common.

This can make your decision easier when you’re looking at different options and styles. If your home is in a neighborhood where having a pool is common then adding one to your home is a smart decision. If you decide to sell in the future and your neighbor does too, potential buyers might be more drawn to the home with the pool.

Future Home Sale

If you plan on selling your home within the ten years following the pool install you’re more than likely going to recoup the money you invested in it. After about ten years you might need to resurface your pool which is an extra cost. If you don’t plan on selling your home within 10 years keep in mind that this will be an extra cost in the future.

When you decide to sell you might want to consider selling your home in the middle of summer when your beautiful pool will attract any buyer. While they’re touring your home thinking of the heat outside your pool will call their name pretty much instantly. Timing when selling a home with a pool can make a huge difference.

Something else to consider when selling your home with a pool is to fix up the landscape around it and give the pool a cleaning facelift. You want it to look attractive and capture potential buyers attention when they come to check out your home. Get rid of any pool toys that are causing clutter.

Hire an Appraiser

You can call in the experts to see if adding the pool you’re considering will add value to your property. Have the appraiser give you the home value the way your home is now and have them give you a value as if you had the exact style of pool you’re looking to add.

Comparing these numbers will give you a true idea of how much value adding a pool is going to give you. Knowing the numbers will make it easier to weight the costs and benefits of adding the pool and also help you choose the style of pool that would make the most sense financially speaking.

Happy Swimming

At the end of the day, the big question does a pool add value to a home can depend on what adding the pool will do for your happiness and quality of life? Are the experiences and memories you will collect worth it?

Price tags can’t be put on memories. Are you ready to enhance your pool to add more value to your home? Contact us for a free quote today.