How To Tackle Cloudy Pool Water After Rain

Get Your Pool Water Sparkling Again After A Rainstorm

Even the most pristine pool water can quickly go from crystal clear to cloudy pool water after rain, sometimes within a matter of minutes. With the soaking rains we’ve come to expect in the South and West during the summer months, it’s important to understand what steps to take to get your pool water back to the inviting oasis your friends and family have come to expect.

First Things First: Check Your Water Level

The first thing you will want to do to eliminate cloudy pool water after rain is to drain off any additional water and bring the water level down to the center of the tile or around the middle of the skimmer throat. The next concern that you will want to address is that you still have adequate circulation and filtration. Make sure the water is flowing smoothly the the filter and back into the swimming pool. Make sure all skimmer baskets are clean and that the filter pump basket is not backed up with any leaves and debris that may have been thrown around during the storm. While you are doing that, be sure to check that your filter’s pressure is not higher than normal. If necessary, you should be prepared to backwash it and even ad DE if the pressure remains high.

Test All Chemical Levels To Get Rid of Cloudy Pool Water After Rain

Once you know that all the the equipment is in proper running order you will want to make sure that your chemicals are at their optimum levels. The chemical that is most significantly impacted by rainwater is the pH. The range that you want to shoot for is between 7.4 to 7.5 which is close to neutral. Rainwater is typically 8,0 or higher, which is too basic and may allow algae to bloom quickly. If you have cloudy water after rain, your pH is likely too high, you will need to add acid to lower the pH so that the chlorine can once again be effective. If the pool is really cloudy following a storm, you may need to shock it.

Run The Equipment For An Extra Cycle

Once you’ve ensure that the system is clear and your chemicals have been adjusted, run the system for twice the length of time that you would on a normal day. Following these steps should ensure that your family can enjoy crystal clear water in your swimming pool on the next perfect summer day!