What Are The Benefits Of Saltwater In My Fiberglass Pool?

Woman Enjoying Her Saltwater Pool

When a person wants to become a new pool owner or levels up and gets fiberglass resurfacing on their swimming pool, one of the biggest questions is always: Which is better, chlorine or saltwater? As a fiberglass pool owner, you want your swimming pool to be an area of luxury on your property. So, of…

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Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Fiberglass Pool

Backyard with fiberglass pool and wooden deck J

If you’ve recently taken the leap to resurface your concrete pool with fiberglass material, you already know how much of an improvement you’ve made to your landscape. Although your new fiberglass pool doesn’t require mass amounts of maintenance, this is still a responsibility that you’ll have to dive into by yourself. Although Texas Pool Repair…

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How can a Fiberglass Pool Increase Your Property Value?

Custom Home Build, Menlo Park, California, Pool, Patio, Grass, Back Yard, Hot tub

Swimming pools are a luxury that most families find appealing when shopping for a new home. However, the material within the pool can be something that either increases or decreases the value of a new home in the eyes of a buyer. Most homeowners don’t realize that fiberglass pools provide owners with more value than…

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What are the Reasons to Use Natural Stone for Your Pool Coping?

Beautiful Pool with natural stone coping

Swimming pool coping is an essential addition to your fiberglass pool. Coping is the edging found surrounding the top border of a swimming pool. Not only does it provide easy, comfortable access for those entering and exiting a pool, but it is also pivotal for keeping pool water in, and dirt and debris out. Although…

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Bubbles, Boils, Black Plague, and Your Fiberglass Pool

Beautiful Pool freshly resurfaced

Texas may be in the midst of a spooky season with Halloween around the corner, but your fiberglass pool is always at risk for creepy things happening to it with age. Fiberglass pool experts claim that your pool should be resurfaced every ten to fifteen years. If your pool is nearing its expiration date or…

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Why Fiberglass Resurfacing is the Best Option for Your Baptistry Repairs

Baptism Happening In Remodeled Baptistry

A church’s baptistry is where some of the most intimate moments for a congregation take place. However, older baptistries are typically made from concrete materials and don’t age as well as they should. Even if a church’s staff regularly maintains their baptistry, there can still be issues like leaks and cracks that inevitably form over…

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How Do Cracks Form in Your Swimming Pool?

Crack In Swimming Pool

One of the biggest problems that can easily ruin the start of a super summer is a crack in the swimming pool. Not only are cracks an eyesore in a concrete pool, but they are also the root of major leaks that can put a real dent in the pool maintenance budget. Some people may…

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Three Reasons Why Fiberglass Resurfacing is a Green Investment

Green fiberglass pool resurfacing

Your swimming pool should be viewed as a clean, safe, refreshing spot on your property where your family can simply relax and unwind after a long day. While swimming areas are relaxing for a family, most pools end up being a chemical-laden oasis that due to excess maintenance, makeup, and more, releases several unnecessary toxins…

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Top Reasons to Remodel Your Swimming Pool

Boy Playing In Remodeled Fiberglass Swimming Pool

There is never a bad time to start thinking about the many ways you can increase the visual appeal of your home. One of the biggest assets of a home that should always be at the forefront of improvements is your swimming pool. Spring and summer will be here before you know it, so now’s…

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