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Pool Might Be Leaking Into Backyard

What To Check Before Calling An Expert About A Pool Leak

Loss of water from your pool is normal. Evaporation and splashing are all part of normal water loss. But, if you are noticing that you are needing to add 2 or more inches of water each week to your pool, you may have a pool leak. A leak in a fiberglass pool can cause the…

Baptism Happening In Remodeled Baptistry

Why Fiberglass Resurfacing is the Best Option for Your Baptistry Repairs

A church’s baptistry is where some of the most intimate moments for a congregation take place. However, older baptistries are typically made from concrete materials and don’t age as well as they should. Even if a church’s staff regularly maintains their baptistry, there can still be issues like leaks and cracks that inevitably form over…

How Does The Summer Heat Impact Your Swimming Pool?

How Does The Summer Heat Impact Your Swimming Pool?

Summer is here and it’s going to be a minute before temperatures begin to cool down. While you enjoy the relaxation of your swimming pool, keep in mind that your pool could be negatively impacted by the heat. Not every material was meant to withstand day after day sun exposure, and issues can quickly arise,…

Crack In Swimming Pool

How Do Cracks Form in Your Swimming Pool?

One of the biggest problems that can easily ruin the start of a super summer is a crack in the swimming pool. Not only are cracks an eyesore in a concrete pool, but they are also the root of major leaks that can put a real dent in the pool maintenance budget. Some people may…

Green fiberglass pool resurfacing

Three Reasons Why Fiberglass Resurfacing is a Green Investment

Your swimming pool should be viewed as a clean, safe, refreshing spot on your property where your family can simply relax and unwind after a long day. While swimming areas are relaxing for a family, most pools end up being a chemical-laden oasis that due to excess maintenance, makeup, and more, releases several unnecessary toxins…

Family swimming in fiberglass swimming pool

Top Fiberglass Pool Myths Debunked

Fiberglass is a material that is known for being both lightweight and strong all at once. Many customers across the state of Texas have put their faith in fiberglass during swimming pool resurfacing. While we know the several benefits of resurfacing with our favorite material, we also know there are several myths that keep potential…

Boy Playing In Remodeled Fiberglass Swimming Pool

Top Reasons to Remodel Your Swimming Pool

There is never a bad time to start thinking about the many ways you can increase the visual appeal of your home. One of the biggest assets of a home that should always be at the forefront of improvements is your swimming pool. Spring and summer will be here before you know it, so now’s…

Crack in concrete pool

4 Ignored Risks of Keeping Your Concrete Swimming Pool

When the question of what material to use on your inground swimming pool comes up, remember to think twice about your final decision. Many homeowners opt-in for a concrete pool over a fiberglass pool because of the lower upfront costs. While saving money upfront always seems like a good idea, there are several disadvantages to…

Scary Facts About Pool Leaks

4 Scary Facts About Swimming Pool Leaks

Swimming pool leaks are no joke. Not only can substantial damage to your pool ruin your swimming fun, but it can also lead to necessary pool crack repairs and other major issues that extend beyond the confines of your pool. Check out some of these facts about swimming pool leaks and why leak detection and…

Resurfacing with Fiberglass Pools

5 Benefits of Resurfacing With a Fiberglass Pool

Resurfacing a pool with fiberglass can be a real lifesaver. A standard concrete pool will give a homeowner 10-15 years of use before significant wear begins to show and it needs to be resurfaced. When that time comes, dropping the cash on another concrete update isn’t just expensive, but it’s only the promise of the…

Fiberglass Pools

Digging Deep Into The Durability Of A Fiberglass Pool

Making the choice to install a fiberglass pool on your property is a huge investment. Like any other large financial decision, you’ll want to make sure that in a world of options, your choice was the right one. When selecting materials for your pool, you want something that is beautiful, easy to maintain, and above…


Natural and Versatile: Upgrading Your Landscape with a Flagstone Patio

The use of flagstone as a building material dates back to the Anglo-Saxons, found in the floor paving of the Canterbury Cathedral. Since then, flagstone still remains a popular choice for home renovation projects and outdoor spaces alike. Its natural beauty and durable construction make it a perfect choice for creating the patio of your dreams.…

pool problems

The 5 Most Common Fiberglass Pool Problems and How to Fix Them

Swimming is the most popular recreational activity for adults and kids in the US. Despite the many pool problems, it is the fourth most popular sport in the US after walking and exercising. In the US, there are 10.4 million residential swimming pools and 309,000 public swimming pools. This number is growing annually. Today, home builders…

how to clean flagstone

Patio Care: How To Clean Flagstone

So far in 2019, the deck and patio industry has a total revenue of nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars. There’s nothing quite like a flagstone patio to help make the most of your outdoor space. They’re ideal if you’ve got a pool as they keep cool in hot weather and stand up to water well.…

pool coping ideas

8 Pool Coping Ideas for Your Inground Pool

Are you considering remodeling a pool? Know that not all pools have to look alike. In fact, there are many ways that you can customize the look of your pool like by choosing interesting and fun coping ideas. You can choose a coping style that will make your pool unique and different from all your…