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Common Questions About Pool Maintenance, Answered

Your swimming pool is a useful feature to have on your property. It does the important job of keeping you cool when the summer temperatures are getting out of control, and you can also use it to have lots of fun. Apart from regular swimming pools, there are about 5.8 million hot tubs in the…

pool leak detection

What Are the Benefits of Working With a Pool Repair Service?

Pool leak detection services can ensure that your pool can open on time this year. Having a swimming pool in your backyard is one of the best ways to bring family and friends together. A swimming pool can add a great deal of value to your lifestyle. Keeping your pool in great shape so you…

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Tips to Make Sure Your Pool Water Is Safe to Swim In

When you own a swimming pool, it’s essential to know how to ensure the water is safe to prevent the likelihood of algae, bacteria, or disease. Continue reading to learn the best ways to maintain your pool. How to Maintain Your Pool Water Maintaining water quality is an essential part of swimming pool ownership. Checking…

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How to Take Care of Your Pool Year-Round

When you have a pool at your home, you probably want to enjoy it for as long as you can, even as the weather turns colder. However, there is more to caring for your pool than just putting a cover on it until spring. Check out all the ways to care for your pool throughout…

pool leak repair

How to Make Your Pool a Safer Place for Family and Friends

Do you plan on having your friends come and visit your pool this year? If so, you need to make sure it is a safe place. According to pull safely, you should have a fence on every side of your pool. Your fence should include a gate that automatically closes and latches itself. There are…

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4 Swimming Pool Problems You Should Never Ignore

Swimming pools are a great way to cool off during the summer and provide hours of fun for kids and adults. But like any other part of your house, swimming pools need maintenance in order to stay clean, safe, and healthy. Here are three common problems you should never ignore when it comes to your…

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What Should Your Annual Swimming Pool Maintenance Schedule Look Like?

We all love a good swim; in fact, in the United States, swimming is the fourth-most popular sport! However, taking care of a swimming pool can be a struggle, especially if you are not sure how you should be cleaning it. Taking care of your pool is the best way to get the most out…

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What Are the Most Common Swimming Pool Repairs?

Swimming pools are a large investment for most people. That is why it is important to care for them and have them repaired when needed. Here are the most common pool repairs that indicate you need to acquire pool repair services. 1. Leaks Leaks are the most common swimming pool repair. A leak can happen…


3 Signs it’s Time for Pool Repair

Before you get your pool ready for the next season, you need to do a thorough inspection inside and out to make sure everything is in tip-top shape. If you notice any of these three major signs, then you may be in need of pool repair before taking a dip. Cracks One of the surest…

Jackhammered swimming pool being remodeled

4 Reasons Why You Should Resurface Your Swimming Pool This Year

Swimming pool season is just around the corner and you’ll want your backyard gem to be in pristine condition as your family and friends take a dip in the waters. Let’s face it, 2020 was a trying year for all of us, and your swimming pool may not be in the best shape for visitors.…

Woman Enjoying Her Saltwater Pool

What Are The Benefits Of Saltwater In My Fiberglass Pool?

When a person wants to become a new pool owner or levels up and gets fiberglass resurfacing on their swimming pool, one of the biggest questions is always: Which is better, chlorine or saltwater? As a fiberglass pool owner, you want your swimming pool to be an area of luxury on your property. So, of…

Backyard with fiberglass pool and wooden deck J

Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Fiberglass Pool

If you’ve recently taken the leap to resurface your concrete pool with fiberglass material, you already know how much of an improvement you’ve made to your landscape. Although your new fiberglass pool doesn’t require mass amounts of maintenance, this is still a responsibility that you’ll have to dive into by yourself. Although Texas Pool Repair…

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How can a Fiberglass Pool Increase Your Property Value?

Swimming pools are a luxury that most families find appealing when shopping for a new home. However, the material within the pool can be something that either increases or decreases the value of a new home in the eyes of a buyer. Most homeowners don’t realize that fiberglass pools provide owners with more value than…

Beautiful Pool with natural stone coping

What are the Reasons to Use Natural Stone for Your Pool Coping?

Swimming pool coping is an essential addition to your fiberglass pool. Coping is the edging found surrounding the top border of a swimming pool. Not only does it provide easy, comfortable access for those entering and exiting a pool, but it is also pivotal for keeping pool water in, and dirt and debris out. Although…

Beautiful Pool freshly resurfaced

Bubbles, Boils, Black Plague, and Your Fiberglass Pool

Texas may be in the midst of a spooky season with Halloween around the corner, but your fiberglass pool is always at risk for creepy things happening to it with age. Fiberglass pool experts claim that your pool should be resurfaced every ten to fifteen years. If your pool is nearing its expiration date or…