8 Pool Coping Ideas for Your Inground Pool

Are you considering remodeling a pool? Know that not all pools have to look alike. In fact, there are many ways that you can customize the look of your pool like by choosing interesting and fun coping ideas.

You can choose a coping style that will make your pool unique and different from all your neighbors.

Here are 8 pool coping ideas for your inground pool.

1. Decorative Tile

Tile is a great option if you’re looking for a material that you can get creative with. There are hundreds of options of different colors and patterns for you to choose from to create your dream pool coping.

You can achieve almost anything you wish from bright, solid colors to intricate floral patterns. This will allow you to keep the theming from your home and outdoor area to influence and personalize your tiling choices.

If an all-tile pool coping sounds a little bit overwhelming, don’t worry. You can always request a mixture of tile and concrete.

This is especially helpful if you’re wanting to use mosaic tile in the center as a fun focal point element and surrounding it with the concrete of your choice.

2. Natural Stone

If tile isn’t your style, you should look into using natural stone for your pool coping. It gives off the feeling of being more warm, cozy, and inviting.

The natural stone is also a good choice of material if you’re looking for coping with some texture to it.

Some options for you to choose from are popular natural stones like granite, travertine, quartz, and limestone. These natural stones range in color so you’ll be able to work with the color palette that interests you the most.

If you live in an area where the weather gets warmer, you might want to consider using travertine. This is because that material tends to be cooler to the touch even when it’s hotter outside.

Travertine also is great because it has better slip-resistance than some of the other natural stone materials.

3. Classic Concrete

Concrete is the classic choice of coping material for pools. This material will work best for you if you’re looking for there not to be an obvious transition between the deck and the coping.

You can make concrete do almost whatever design you want it to because of its versatility. You can customize precast concrete with designs and different colors. Precast concrete is typically less expensive than the option of poured concrete.

Using poured concrete means that you will have a solid unit from the deck into the coping with no seams. Precast concrete is an alternative that is cheaper and offers more designing capabilities.

Poured concrete is also good for creating a modern look because of the clean lines it can achieve.

One of the downsides of having large slabs of concrete is that it has the ability to crack more easily when the temperatures rise and fall.

4. Brick Is an Option for Your Pool Coping Ideas

Does your home already use brick on the exterior or interior walls? If so, using brick for your coping is a great idea to tie the two elements of your home together.

Brick coping will often have a rounded or a bull-nose edge to them.

Talk to the professionals to see if they can try to mimic the pattern of the brick in your home to the coping on your pool.

This will even further the cohesiveness of your home. It’ll look like you have a custom pool just for your family.

5. Using Pavers as Pool Coping

Pavers might be the best option for your pool coping if possibly having concrete crack is worrying you.

This is because the professionals will install these pavers individually so if anything cracks you aren’t responsible for replacing all the deck and the coping. If a paver cracks, all you have to do is replace the individual paver that has the crack in it.

If you choose to use pavers in your pool as coping, they will more than likely come with a factory edge on them. This is mainly what separates them from the brick coping material.

Note that pavers can be one of the more expensive pool coping options.

6. Flagstone Pool Coping

Flagstones are an interesting way to add a different dimension to your pool.

You can choose to get flagstones in varying shapes and sizes or have them all be uniform. Each option will give you a different look and feel.

Flagstones also tend to vary in color. This is another way that you can create a unique design around your pool.

7. Bluestone Pool Coping

Bluestone is another building stone that is durable and perfect for pool coping. This stone ranges in color with shades of gray, tan, brown, and blue for a more natural effect.

You can have these stones cut in whatever shape that you prefer. Squares, triangles, and rectangles are all shapes you can cut the bluestone so that you create a design you’re happy with.

The other option is to have natural irregular shapes to create a unique design. It’s popular to have bluestone create your deck as well as your coping.

8. Play With Design

If you really want to think outside the box, find inspiration online for ideas to make your pool coping unique.

An interesting idea could be to separate natural stone pool decking from the coping with a two-inch strip of small river rocks.

Another cool design could be to use flagstones in bigger sizes on the deck and gradually have them get smaller as they create the pool coping.

Working with a professional pool company for your renovation can help you get the pool design you’re happy with.

Find Your Style

These fun pool coping ideas will help make you the talk of the neighborhood! Find a style that works best for you and your family and remodel your pool to make it your own.

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