7 Creative Pool Remodeling Ideas for a Fun-Filled Summer

Is your pool starting to look old and outdated? Are you growing tired of having the same boring pool design as everyone else?

A pool remodel can bring life and excitement to a pool that may have been getting less use over the years. Plus it can change the entire look of your backyard.

So, what can you do to make the most of your pool remodel? Well, luckily, we have some great pool remodeling ideas that will make your pool the envy of all your neighbors.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to discover 7 creative pool remodeling ideas for a fun-filled summer.

Utilize Colors

Nothing says fun more than remodeled pools with bright colors.

By installing some LED lights under the water of your swimming pool, you can make your pool glow in brilliant hues, like green, purple, pink, and blue! You’ll be able to use color to set the mood and liven up any summer pool party.

Are you a fan of nighttime swimming but hate using the harsh porch light? Well, these LED lights paired with other fun outdoor lighting solutions, like glow in the dark stones or hanging lanterns can create a safe, yet serene atmosphere that’s perfect for a late-night dip.

Build Waterfalls

It’s no secret that waterfalls are considered one of the most peaceful parts of nature. So, why wouldn’t you want to bring that into your own pool?

By creating a natural-looking rock wall and using some strategic plumbing, you can give your pool that added touch of serenity. You’ll be able to listen to the sound of your own waterfall in the background as you lay back and relax in your pool.

Mimic the Beach

Many pools only offer hard and rigid steps making it impossible to comfortably sit half submerged in the water. But, you can mimic the beach by creating a gradual decline into the water, similar to how the shoreline gradually sinks into the ocean.

By doing this, you can place a lounge chair on the decline and enjoy the water without having to go all the way in. Updating to a salt water pool system is another way to help you feel like you’re really at the beach.

Create a Floating Movie Theater

Did you know that you can create a floating movie theater with some awesome floats and a projector?

This fun pool idea can be accomplished by either projecting a movie onto the side of your house or setting up a projector somewhere else in your backyard. Then get a bunch of tubes and flotation devices, so you can float on your pool while watching your favorite movie with your friends and family.

Play with Landscaping

There’s so much more to pool remodeling than just updating the pool itself. Landscaping can give your pool a whole new look, too.

One of our favorite remodeling ideas is to ditch that old fence and replace it with a wall of hedges. This can look especially great if your pool is right next to the edge of your yard. The hedges will act as a barrier and give your pool a natural touch.

Include a Seating Area

Including a seating area in your remodeling ideas will give you the perfect place to relax and talk with friends after you’ve left the water. This is especially helpful if you like to host summer parties as it’ll increase seating and give your guests another option if they don’t want to swim.

Pro tip: include a grill or DIY firepit in your seating area to take your outdoor summer parties to the next level.

Give Your Pool a Theme

One of the best pool remodeling ideas is to give your pool a theme. This will help you tie all these different design elements together to create one cohesive backyard.

Whether you choose to go rustic, child-friendly, or Italian, your remodeled pools will truly look like a finished project!

The Best Pool Remodeling Ideas

When it comes time to consider swimming pool remodeling, you’ll want to completely upgrade the look of your pool and backyard to create a cohesive look.

By following our pool remodeling ideas, like playing with colors, picking a theme, and building a waterfall, you’re sure to create a truly unique tool that can help give you a fun-filled summer.

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