4 Scary Facts About Swimming Pool Leaks

Swimming pool leaks are no joke. Not only can substantial damage to your pool ruin your swimming fun, but it can also lead to necessary pool crack repairs and other major issues that extend beyond the confines of your pool.

Check out some of these facts about swimming pool leaks and why leak detection and fiberglass resurfacing are a great service to have on your side during this type of emergency.

1.  Swimming Pool Leaks Cost Cash!

One of the most obvious signs that something is wrong with your swimming pool rests in the mail! If you notice your water bill and electricity bill have suddenly shot sky-high at the same time, it’s safe to say your pool has a leak.

The energy required to keep your pool functioning combined with a water leak can lead to expenses that run you over one hundred dollars per day! This just goes to show that even the smallest leak can lead to expensive repercussions if swimming pool leak detection isn’t prioritized.

2.  Sometimes Only an Expert can Locate a Leak

Many times, a leak is something small that can’t be physically found by a homeowner. Pool leak detection and crack repairs have become very specialized services. Our technicians use standard dyes and the most up-to-date technology to electronically determine where even the smallest leak in your pool resides.

3.  Your Grass Becomes Soggy

The common pool problem of a leak can easily be pinpointed to other issues, and that’s why so many of them go undetected for ages! However, the chances are you haven’t watered your lawn to sogginess.

If you notice your lawn is puddling or getting squishy, a pool leak may be the culprit.

Another excuse we see in Texas is that evaporation causes homeowners to continuously refill their pool. We’re sorry to say it, but that much evaporation in a short timespan just isn’t plausible. It’s most likely time for a swimming pool checkup from the professionals at Texas Pool Repair.

4.  Water Leaks Hinder Pool pH Maintenance

If you notice that your pool is perpetually dirty and your pH can’t be maintained, a crack may have formed that allows soil and other pollutants to leak into your swimming pool. Don’t let this issue stand because it can quickly become a health hazard with the growth of algae and other bacterias.

5.  Your Leak Could Impact Your Neighbors

Finally, not only are you responsible for your own problems but an ignored pool leak can damage your neighbor’s lawn. Take note that if your neighbor’s property becomes damaged due to your swimming pool leak, you are the person at fault.

Control Your Swimming Pool Cracks With Texas Pool Repair

If you’ve noticed any of the symptoms of a damaged swimming pool, Texas Pool Repair has the experience to repair and renovate your pool! We offer premier services like pool leak detection, crack repair and pool system repair that ensure your swimming pool will keep your family happy for years to come.

If you’re ready for pool repairs or fiberglass resurfacing, we’re ready to help! Contact us today to find out more about our services.

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