3 Signs it’s Time for Pool Repair

Before you get your pool ready for the next season, you need to do a thorough inspection inside and out to make sure everything is in tip-top shape. If you notice any of these three major signs, then you may be in need of pool repair before taking a dip.


One of the surest signs you’re in need of pool repair is cracks in your pool walls. Cracks in the pool walls usually signal water leakages, but they can also lead to plenty of other problems. Not only will you end up wasting water, but cracks can also lead to soil erosion, which will affect your pool structure’s integrity. If you notice cracks, contact a pool repair service right away.

Dirty Water

If you notice dirty or unclean water in your pool, it could be time to call a pool repair service. You’ll want to do this for sure if you treat your pool and then notice that the water in the pool is still dirty. If you’re wondering why you have dirty water in your pool, the answer isn’t always obvious. It could be that your pool pump is malfunctioning, which could be a relatively simple fix to circulate water properly. Or you might have a more serious problem like a clogged sand filter or damaged pipework. Whatever the reason, take steps to get your water clean.

Pool Heater Issues

There’s nothing like taking a dip in a warm pool, especially if you’re trying to enjoy your pool in the fall. But if you notice that the water in your pool stays cold, even though you have the heater on, it could be a sign you need pool repair. Clogged or blocked pipes could be the reason for a heater malfunction, but you could also have problems with the heater’s controls. Ultimately, you may need a whole new heater to keep your pool at optimum temperature.

The swimming pool industry is expected to grow by more than 25% this year, so if you notice any of the signs listed above with your pool, don’t hesitate to contact a pool repair service. With the proper repairs, you can focus your time on enjoying your pool rather than dealing with its malfunctions. Contact Texas Pool Repair today!

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