We are specialists in swimming pool repair & remodeling on all types of pools servicing Plano, Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, and more. Our services include:

Our number one goal is your complete satisfaction

When your residential or commercial pool, fountain, spa or patio needs attention our specialists will evaluate what is in place, address your concerns and goals and walk you through the remediation and renovation process. Aside from our pool leak detection specialists and pool resurfacing pros, we also have an elite renovations team to bring new life to decks, patios, bridges, porches and sidewalks. Our warranties are among the longest in the industry and we insist on perfection in everything we do. From the first time you call us for information to the last time we follow-up after work is complete, we promise every interaction you have with our team will be pleasant and informative. No matter what your needs, we are on time, on schedule and on budget. No one knows more about Plano pool repair and remodeling than we do and our workmanship will exceed your expectations.

When you work with us you know you are part of an expert team with decades of experience. Our highly trained staff includes:

Professional Project Managers

Professional Project Managers

Repair Technicians


Experienced Plumbers


Warranty and Service Specialists

Warranty & Service Specialists

Leak Detection Specialists

Leak Detection Specialists

Tile and Flagstone Installers

Tile & Coping  Installers

Does your pool or deck have cracks or stains? Has your pool, spa, or fountain lost its luster and shine?

You can renew your backyard and save time and money with a pool resurfacing. Your backyard swimming pool is the heart and soul of your home providing hours of family togetherness and neighborly entertainment. But when your pool is in need of some serious TLC due to age, cracks, blistering or leaks, you need an expert to bring it back to life. The pool, spa and deck remodeling and repair authorities at Texas Pool Repair can take care of any issues you have.

Our Texas pool crack repair and resurfacing specialists are second to none and will make your pool and deck look like new again. Many other companies that claim to do pool repair and remodeling are actually specialists in the manufacture and installation of pools. We don’t install or fabricate new pools. We are laser-focused on revitalizing what you already have and re-envisioning it as something spectacular. As one of the top pool repair and resurfacing specialists in Texas, we will help you reinvent the pool, spa, fountain, deck and yard you already have in place.

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Think you have a pool leak?

Whether your pool needs a revamp as part of a backyard modernization or a reconditioning because of a leak or pipe replacement, Texas Pool Repair can help. Pool leaks can be difficult to find if there isn’t a fracture. We have specialized equipment and experienced scuba divers who will find the leak every time and come up with the best solution to quickly get your pool in working order.

When your pool is leaking, it’s not a repair that can wait. Ignoring a leak can lead to bigger problems. Unlike a car, pools lack a “check engine” light or any instrument cluster that monitors the health of your pool system. There are some early warning signs that your pool is developing an underlying problem. For example, if you’ve been adding water to your pool but trying to get “one more season” you could be headed toward some major problems.

As water escapes, it accumulates, eventually damaging metal components and cement and in fiberglass, causing the shell to lift from the ground. Detecting and repairing leaks quickly can prevent such problems. We specialize in difficult repairs and remodeling projects. Our toughest challenges in our many years of experience have been pools that had been leaking for an extended period of time. We can truly handle any problem.

Although fiberglass pools are built to last, underground leaks present a specific type of damage that ends up being a worst-case scenario. No matter what type of swimming pool you have—vinyl, concrete or fiberglass—the last kind of problem you want to have is a structural failure. Underground leaks that are left for an extended period of time will almost always cause pool structural problems. No pool is built to have an active leak over time and having one compromises the efficiency of the pool in the short term, combined with longevity of the installation in the long term.

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If you’re interested in learning more about our pool services, make sure to get in touch with the team at Texas Pool Repair today. As the Plano swimming pool repair, resurfacing, and remodeling experts, you can trust that our team is on the job to help you. Whether you think your pool may be leaking and you’re in need of repair or if you want to get a new pool deck around your pool, we can do it! You can reach our team today by calling (469) 890-7440. We look forward to working with you!